I'm Richard Anthony Moulton, a singer, actor, DJ and all round entertainer based in South Wales. I've appeared on TV and in the West End, and I'm passionate about making special occasions just that little extra special.


Imagine it; everyone is sitting politely waiting for their dinner when suddenly they hear jovial song and the clanging of silver service waitery! It's a real head turner and something special to remember for your event.


Looking for an outstanding singer for your event? You've just found your man! With decades of experience in the West End, TV and entertaining at parties across the UK I am passionate about making your special go off with a BANG!!!



With a vast amount of musical experience and knowledge I can create a personalised playlist that brings atmosphere and feeling to any event.

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Food, wine & a sing song... What could be better?


It's something I've tried to great effect - something that wakes people up during what can sometime be a lull in the wedding day, something that gets people involved in the service, and something special to bring a huge smile to everyone's face.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch to book your singing waiter for your next event.


Something for everyone!


Parties are all about atmosphere, and I know how to create a fantastic atmosphere by having a great rapport with your guests, introducing a little bit of humour and a bit of banter in between songs. It all encourages crowd participation, and generally makes for a great party!

There's nothing like a live vocalist to encourage your guests to get up and dance. I have been a cabaret artiste for a long time so I know how to get people involved and have a good time. I can sing in any genre and any style, from pop to big band so please give me a call l with ideas for your wedding night.

I am available for wedding ceremonies, receptions, birthdays, funerals and any other event you want to celebrate in style! If you have some favourite songs, or a preferred style or genre, let me know and I'll tailor my performance around that. If not, and you just want me to use my impeccable taste (!) then that's fine too. Either way, this is going to be a night to remember...

If you've not seen them already, there are a couple of TV clips to look at - just to prove I can actually sing! My experience of singing in The West End, on TV and in clubs for over 10 years means I'm made for getting your guests in the mood, on their feet and on to the dance floor.

On the technical side, all you need to know is that I provide my own sound system, and lighting and all the necessary equipment to get the party in full swing. So if you have any requests, any songs or styles you want me to include, drop me a message and we can work on the event together. If not, and you just want someone who will create a great atmosphere and get everyone involved, leave it to me. I've done hundreds of receptions, and never had a bad night yet!

Also available on demand are the 'Bryden String Quartet', an extra special touch, especially when I perform Elbow's 'On A Day Like This'.

Below is a performance of the Jackie Wilson classic, Higher and Higher. Enjoy!


Surprise your loved one!


Add something very special to a loved one's day with a personalised musical presentation just for them. Be it at work, the pub or anywhere else, you can book me to surprise a loved one with a memorable musical experience that will leave them smiling like a cheshire cat :) Get in touch today!


Music for every occasion!


With a vast amount of musical experience and knowledge I can create a personalised playlist that brings atmosphere and feeling to any event. 

I've DJ'd at some of the county's best clubs and music festivals, as well as over a hundred weddings, birthdays and house parties. I'm an absolute music fanatic with a huge record collection that I guarantee will have what you need. From house to big band, swing to all the party classics, 80s cheese and 60s rock n roll, I've got it all and I can mix it seamlessly to make sure there are no gaps in your fun!

I think that music is one of the main factors for any event, be it the most special of events, your wedding, celebrating Mums 50th birthday or simply a corporate event to thank the team for all their hard work - it's what could make or break the a party, deciding whether your guests will be up dancing, singing and participating, or whether they'll stay sat, rooted to their seats, scared to take to an empty floor.

You need a good DJ who can gauge the crowd, knows what to play and when, and who can create an atmosphere that people will want to be a part of, that's me! I've DJ'd at some huge venues, at some more intimate halls and receptions, and at countless house parties where every time I encourage the crowd to enjoy and relax - and they do.

If you've got a song - or a list of songs, styles or genres that you'd like me to incorporate into your set list, just let me know and it will be done. I'm here to make this your night because it's not just the day you should remember but the night too! I've got all the kit - decks, CDJs, lights, a mixer and PA, so you needn't worry about a thing. Just make sure you bring your dancing shoes because you're going to need them!


Jack of all trades & master of the lot!


If you have not seen the service you require on this site please drop me a message, I would love to talk through your requirements and hopefully I can help!